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Beauty Treatments

Spray Tanning

Achieve a healthy golden glow with spray tanning services from The Massage & Wellbeing Boutique and look beautifully sun-kissed all year round. We use high-quality tanning products which provide an even, natural-looking colour that lasts, suitable for all skin tones. The perfect choice for weddings, proms, special occasions, big nights out – or just because!

  • Full Body: £20
  • Legs: £10

Special Offer:

Get a full body spray tan for just £15 in July & August 2022!

Eyelash Extensions & Infills

  • Classic: Our natural-looking Classic lashes add fullness and dimension to your eyes £35
  • Classic Lash Infills: £25
  • Hybrid/Volume Lashes: Our Hybrid & Volume lashes are perfect for those looking for a glamorous, dramatic look £45
  • Hybrid/Volume Lash Infills: £35

Please note: Eyelash extensions require a patch test 48 hours before.

We recommend a 2-3 week maintenance treatment to top up lashes which have shed. Infills are only available for eyelash extensions originally applied by The Massage & Wellbeing Boutique. If more lashes need applying than a typical infill, this will be discussed at your appointment and charged accordingly.x

Lifts, Tints & Shaping

An eyelash lift & tint is the perfect beauty pick-me-up, giving your eyes that extra wow factor with darker eyelashes that hold a lasting curl for up to eight weeks and make your eyes truly pop. 

  • Lash Lift & Tint: £30

Give definition to your facial features and frame your face beautifully with our express Brow Shape, Wax & Tint service, 

  • Brow Shape, Wax & Tint: £12

Brow Lamination

Giving the illusion of fuller, more defined brows without any pigment, our Brow Lamination service straightens, lifts and sets your brow hairs into shape. Ideal for those with thinning brows, gaps from overplucking & overwaxing, unruly brow hairs, a lack of shape or unevenness, you’ll notice added volume, a more defined arch, and a beautifully styled appearance with minimal maintenance required.

  • Brow Lamination: £30

High Definition (HD) Brows

Our HD Brows experience includes sculpting, mapping, tinting, waxing, plucking & trimming your brows to achieve a perfect shape, arch and colouring to perfectly suit you and meet your needs. This bespoke treatment is ideal for any brow & skin type – whether you’re looking to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows, we’ll help you to achieve the brows of your dreams!

  • HD Brows: £20

Eyebrow Microblading

With tiny strokes that look like real hair, microbladed brows are perfect if you have thin or patchy brows, if you’re looking for a subtle shape enhancement, or if you don’t regularly fill in your brows – and want a natural look to be your authentic self!

We offer a free consultation with a £50 deposit to be paid upon booking.

Eyebrow Microblading: £260

6-8 Week Top-Up: £80

Annual Top-Up (6-12 Months): £160

Annual Top Up (12-18 Months): £180

Ombré & Powdered Brows

Also known as powdered brows, ombré brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique using a digital machine, which creates a soft, shaded brow pencil look. Perfect for those with oily or combination skin, ombré brows mimic the look of filled-in brows without all of the effort in the morning – for that I woke up like this feeling! 

We offer a free consultation with a £50 deposit to be paid upon booking.

Ombré Brows: £265

Hybrid Brows

Combining microblading hair strokes and a powder fill, the hybrid brow method provides an incredibly natural-looking brow – more defined & full than microblading, and less opaque and dramatic than ombré brows. We customise your brows to your exact desired look, providing advice based on your skin type, colouring and bone structure to achieve a bespoke style that’s completely unique to you.

Hybrid Brows: £275

All semi permanent treatments require a patch test 48 hours before treatment.

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